The engines placed in Fiat/Chrystler late model vehicles, specifically the Durango, Dakota, Ram, Charger, 300 Grand Cherokee and Liberty have presented 2 fatal flaws which have been causing catastrophic engine failures across the vehicles.

For many, a new or factory manufactured engine is a significant expense. Why are these motors failing below 100,000 miles?



Faulty Valve Seats:

According to Powertrain Products, FCA presses the valve seats into the cylinder heads. The problem shows itself when the metal the valve seats are composed of expands. This causes them to move into contact with the valve and piston. When this happens, the valve seat breaks into several small pieces, which also causes damage to the piston, sleeve, valve and head.


Ring Lands:

Powertrain Products also stated that there is a flaw in the casting of the pistons which can result in overly hot cylinder temperatures. Along with small drain holes in the cylinderhead and the block itself, this can cause overheating, oil breakdown and sludge formation. After some time this can cause oil starvation.